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The Best Green Energy Companies In The UK

The Best Green Energy Companies In The UK

Green energy refers to those energy sources that are environmentally friendly. It is many times acknowledged as renewable energy and is clamoured for in today’s energy industry. Because of its increasing popularity, it is not hard to find a company that cannot provide 100% green electricity. Switching to a green energy company has never been easier, especially in the United Kingdom.

Check BritainReviews for various energy providers in the UK. Green energy sources are excellent sources of energy, not only because they provide you with clean electricity, but because they protect the environment while doing it. Check here for the online reviews of renewable energy suppliers.

The right green energy provider for you will depend on your preferences and budget. In picking one, consider features such as good customer service, affordable rates, et cetera. Are you looking for a green energy supplier in the UK? Listed below are the best you will find in the UK.

1.   Bulb

They are regarded as the best green energy supplier in the UK, providing 100% of green electricity, 10% green gas. Their renewable sources include hydro (9%), solar (40%), and wind (50%). While they have no fixed tariff, which implies no stability in their prices, they have only one tariff from which to choose, plus a 10% green gas and £2 donated to charity when you switch.

Launched in 2015, it is the fastest-growing green energy provider in the UK, supplying about 1.4 million homes. It is also affordable and can guarantee a 100% green energy supply since they buy their energy from independent generators. They have just one tariff, which is very simple to understand, and they do not charge an exit fee when you choose to switch from them as your energy provider. However, they are not the greenest energy supplier since they do not provide 100% green gas.

2.   Octopus Energy

Are you looking for an excellent customer service relation alongside your green energy provision, then Octopus Energy is the right one for you. While there are too many tariffs to choose from, they have a consumer-friendly platform and pay £50 when switching over to them. They provide 100% green electricity but 0% green gas with a 100% carbon offset. Their renewable sources include anaerobic digestion, solar, wind, and hydro. However, when you choose to switch from them, you will pay an exit fee of £30.

3.   Green Energy UK

They are the greenest energy supplier in the UK—the only energy company provider to have 100% green gas. Their green electricity is 100% with no carbon offsetting since it is not needed. If you choose to switch away from them, you are not obligated to lay any exit fee. Their renewable sources include hydro, solar, and wind.

However, as the UK’s greenest energy company, it is expensive compared to other green energy providers in the UK. Their customer service is also exemplary. If you are looking for a truly green energy provider, Green Energy UK is right for you; however, ensure that your meter readings are correct and not overcharged.

4.   OutFox the Market

They are the cheapest on the market, providing 100% green electricity but 0% green gas. They offer no carbon offsetting and have wind as their only renewable source. Also, they do not charge an exit fee when you choose to switch away from them. However, there are concerning online reviews about them that might call for you to research the company well, but you can get a satisfactory service from them.