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9 Ways To Make Your Space Cooler And More Efficient Using Evaporative Air Conditioner

9 Ways To Make Your Space Cooler And More Efficient Using Evaporative Air Conditioner

There are a number of ways to keep the room cool, including easy and cheap ways, you know. Come on, listen.

The sun is abundant so it can nourish the house, even though the area is hot.

But the rainfall is also high, the wind is blowing hard, and the humidity is high too.

Uniquely, there are still many Indonesians who are less able to adapt to hot weather.

Moreover, cheap AC prices are the easiest way to keep the room cool.

Even if you look at how architects work in designing tropical homes, architects shouldn’t include air conditioning.

Windows, doors, or other openings have been designed to be a way of keeping a room cool without air conditioning.

Live AC is set as desired and the heat in the house immediately disappears.

There are several easy and inexpensive ways to cool a room.

How to Keep a Room Cool

1. Installing the Fan

One way to make the room cool is to install the fan in several places so that the room is cool.

There are many choices of fans ranging from those that are mounted on the wall, on the ceiling, fans for tables, to fans with high mounts.

If you want the room to look prettier, just install a ceiling fan, usually the shapes are more diverse.

2. Applying the Anti-Heat Exterior Paint

Technology for housing is growing, one of which is exterior paint that can reduce heat.

This paint is designed to reduce the absorption of sunlight and reflect it back.

The temperature in the room can usually drop 2-3 degrees from the temperature outside the house, quite cool, right?

3. Placing Indoor Plants

The presence of indoor plants is not only to beautify the house, but also to make it cool.

Plants will produce oxygen which of course makes the room cooler, without air conditioning.

In fact, indoor plants can also absorb toxins in the house so that the house becomes healthier.

4. Put a bowl of cold water under the running fan

You don’t have the funds to buy a portable air cooler? You can make it creatively, you know.

Just put a bowl of cold water under the fan and make the room cool without air conditioning.

If it is not cold, just change the water or add ice cubes so that the water is cold again and the room air can cool again.

5. Using cotton to replace household equipment

Use 100% cotton cloth for household items such as bed sheets, pillowcases, and blankets.

You can also place it on a pillowcase or sofa cushion to make it more comfortable to use.

Don’t forget to wear cotton clothes to make it more comfortable and absorb sweat.

6. Turn off electronic equipment that generates heat

During the day, make it a habit to turn off the lights so you don’t get glare and get used to saving energy.

Also turn off unused electronic equipment in the house, especially those that generate heat.

It’s better if you have a house with good ventilation and circulation so you don’t have to turn on the lights.

7. Installing the Air Cooler

If there is a room whose position makes it difficult to open a window or door, there is a solution.

Just install an Air Cooler to regulate the air exchange in the room with the outside air.

If there is regular air change, the air in the room can be cool. Are you interested in buying an Air cooler or evaporative air conditioner? but don’t know where to buy it? You can buy the best evaporative air conditioner with affordable price only on Vankool.

8. Open the window when the room air is cooler

One way to cool the room is to open the window when the air in the room is cooler.

After the rainy season the temperature is usually lower so the air is cooler, why don’t you just open the doors and windows?

Cool air outside the house will enter the house so that the house feels cooler than before.

9. Shut Down Windows When It’s Hotter Outside

Conversely, if it is hotter outside, you may want to close the doors and windows so you don’t get in.

The air in the room does not come out which makes the air in the room warmer.

It’s easy isn’t it, close the window when it’s hot outside or open the window when the outside air is cooler.

That was the 9 Cool Ways to Save Space, which we summarized if you want an easier way to follow method number 7, are interested in buying it but don’t know how to use or care for it? for more information please visit the site and click here for the video.