Why Are The Garage Door Sensors Not Working?

Why Are The Garage Door Sensors Not Working?

Garage door sensors are vital safety features, and their main task is to detect objects in the door pathway. Without it, the door might close on a car, baby, or pet. If you sense any sensor problems, check them and consult an expert.

Sensor Path Obstruction

Whenever a garage door sensor malfunctions, checking its route should be the first thing to do. There can be dust, debris, and other objects obstructing the path. Clear everything and try closing the door.

Dirty Sensors

Pollution, car exhaust, dirt, and spider webs are some of the things that make the sensors dirty. A dirty sensor will stop sending the signal to close or open the door. Wipe the lenses gently to remove dust and moisture. You can use a cardboard test to confirm if you have solved the problem. If it is okay, the door should sense a disruption when closing or opening.

Sensors Are Wrongly Aligned

Garage door sensors are placed approximately 6 inches above the ground at the bottom of the frame track. One sensor has a red light and the other green. If the lights go off or blink, it shows there is something wrong, or the sensors aren’t aligned well. Move them slightly until both lights are illuminated.

Lack Of Proper Maintenance

Like any other part of the garage door, the sensors require maintenance. Sensors are prone to wear and tear. Also, if they were installed years ago, it’s common for them to malfunction. Check if there is visible damage and contact garage door repair Austin TX-based for replacement.

Moisture Exposure

Excessive moisture and sun exposure can cause malfunctions. If you live in a region with frequent rainfall, water drops may penetrate the sensors. Wipe the outer part of the sensors with a dry cloth and unscrew them to check if there is moisture buildup inside. If that’s the problem, they’ll function.

Electrical Faults

Garage door sensors use power to function. If the sensors stop working, check if they’ve lost electrical connection. An unplugged cable can also cause electrical issues, so correctly unplug and fix the cable. The garage door sensors should operate immediately after reconnection.

Wire Damage

Wire damage is a common problem with garage door sensors. Inspect your wires for breaks or twists. The wires should be correctly connected to the garage opener to function properly. If the sensor lights flash orange, the wires may be damaged. Remember, connecting wires can be risky, so consult an experienced garage door expert.

Damaged Garage Door

A garage door has many components, and if any part malfunctions, the door may not work properly. The main damage-causing factors are broken springs, worn hardware, misaligned track, broken rollers, or cables. If a garage door is damaged, the sensors will not function, so, check if it is faulty, and consult garage door replacement Austin-based.

The garage door sensors play a crucial safety role. They prevent the door from shutting on someone or something. So, if you find any faults with the sensors, act fast before the door hurts someone or causes damage. The major reasons why the garage door sensor may not be working are damaged wires, sensor path obstruction, moisture exposure, and dirty sensors.

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