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A Guide On The Best Temperature For A Wine Cooler

A Guide On The Best Temperature For A Wine Cooler

Upon discovering your passion for fine wine, you might reach a point where the proper storage solution would be the best option for preserving your prized collection.  Bodega43 Wine Cooler shop UK is one of many manufacturers specialising in the manufacturing of wine coolers. However, before embarking on your quest for the perfect unit, you need to know what temperature should a wine cooler be to accommodate your specific needs as an avid wine collector. There is some talk behind this aspect and different views, but it should be better to consult with a wine cooler expert before taking that final step. 

A wine cooler keeps its promises

It is recommended that the correct temperature within a wine cooler should be between 7 – 18 degrees Celcius. On the other hand, some wine collectors believe that white and red wine require different temperatures. Therefore, you can store white wine in a cooler climate; red wine might need a warmer environment. In addition, a wine cooler ensures that no air fluctuations occur by adding a proper seal to the door of the unit. Not only does a wine cooler keep the temperature at the correct magnitude, but it also delivers a steady humidity level of 70%. If the humidity is not set at the correct degree, it will lead to the cork of the wine bottle drying out. Subsequently, leading to the oxidisation process taking place and moisture seeping through.

How to take care of your wine fridge

Upon owning such a magnificent unit, you need to consider that the proper care of a wine fridge would be indispensable. First, ensure that a wine fridge is placed in a darker area of your home. In addition, keep them out of direct sunlight as unwanted UV rays can harm the wine bottles inside. Finally, it is advised to place wine racks inside to keep the wine bottles adequately and prevent any breakage. However, if you are a proud owner of a freestanding wine cooler, keep this type of model in a space with sufficient breathing space to prevent the unit from overheating. A built-in version has been constructed so that you can place it in a tight area. It has a ventilation mechanism attached to the front, which controls the airflow within the wine cooler.

Designer wine coolers

At this stage, you are a proud owner of a wine cooler. You know all the features offered by this unique cooling mechanism, but you feel that you would like to put an imaginative touch on it. There are so many beautiful designs out there. In addition, some prefer the aesthetical appeal in their kitchen that add value to this room. As this wine cooler is placed within existing cabinetry, it will flow within the already established ethnicity of the kitchenette.  Subsequently, you can apply these wondrous designer ideas by adding a glass under the staircase wine cooler. Not many serious wine connoisseurs have access to a  proper wine cellar, but even unique designs have been applied to these rooms. In summary, a wine fridge offers all the required aspects of storing wine and appeals to the artist in you. And most importantly, you have the benefit of owning a wine cellar unit in your home instead of below. A beautiful piece taken from a poem by Victor James Daley explains the wonders of wine in more descriptive words. “Once more your hand in, And while we stand in, The brave sunshine, Pledge deep our land in,   Our land’s own wine!” And what a great thought that all wine collectors can relish in these words.

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