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Annually, as we approach the month of May, we begin to feel the toll the heat of the scorching sun has taken on our bodies. Investing in an air cooler is always a good decision.

However, there are many options to choose from in the market. Check Collected.Reviews for the different options to choose from. Selecting the best air coolers online out of the various air coolers available can be tedious.

Here are six tips for choosing an air cooler for your home.

1. Tonnage:

This is the cooling capacity of the air cooler system. One ton is the amount of heat that it takes to melt one ton of ice in a day. It is essential to select an air cooler with the right tonnage needed for your room’s size. For rooms smaller than 130 square feet, a 1-ton AC is okay. For a room with a size of 185 sq. feet, a 1.5-ton air cooler is advised to make sure that there is effective cooling.

2. Efficiency:

Energy efficiency is arguably the most important factor to be considered when deciding what air cooler to buy. With the cost of electricity, we would want an air cooler that will use the least amount of power and at the same time produce the maximum amount of cooling. To know the energy efficiency of an air cooler, check its star rating. The rating is standardized by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE).

3. Key components:

A blower fan is an important component of an air cooler. The bigger the blower fan, the stronger the airflow. Condenser coils are also an important component for speeding up cooling. Condenser coils have anticorrosive properties. Another important component is the protective capacitors. They provide safety against fire when there is a circuit failure or disconnection.

4. Installation and Maintenance:

To use your air cooler in perfect condition for the longest amount of time possible, ensure it is installed properly. There are two kinds of ACs based on means of installation – Windows AC and Split AC. Window ACs are connected to windows while split ACs have a compressor unit. Ensure there is no mistake in the process of installing. Clean the air cooler regularly. Follow instructions from your dealer as to how the air cooler will be serviced regularly and how to clean its components.

5. Air Quality:

Regardless of the air cooler you choose, it must improve the indoor air quality. It must have a filter that removes unpleasant odor and impurities. As a bonus, it can also have a good dehumidification unit. This will make sure the environment is comfortable during rainy seasons by reducing humidity.

6. Additional Features:

Nowadays, manufacturers of air coolers add different innovations to their products to attract customers.  You can consider these features when making your decision.  What is most important is that they meet the major criteria. Look for an air cooler that does not consume a significant amount of power and couple it with cheap electricity in Houston to reduce your electric costs.

It is important to note that air coolers need to be serviced from time to time by professionals. If the brand you are planning on patronizing does not have a reputable servicing network, you might want to consider other options.