Dining Room

Types of Dining Rooms and What They All Need

Not every house is the same and not every dining room is the same.

The new trend in housing is having an open floor plan. This takes away the traditional dining room from many houses and creates a variety of dining rooms that fit each family’s needs.

Dining rooms in most homes fit into three main styles, a separate formal dining room, a breakfast nook, and a dining room set off the kitchen.

When decorating your house you need to take into consideration the type of dining room you have or plan to have since each is unique and has specific needs.

You also need to consider budget.

“Taking on a new home project can be an intimidating and overwhelming process, so it’s important to understand where to spend your time,” says the blog at Cash & Carry Furniture. “First and foremost you should know and understand your budget. It doesn’t make sense to shop around in a price range you simply can’t accommodate. Take the time to crunch out a budget and stick to it! :”

Decorating a Separate Formal Dining Room

A separate formal dining room is very nice to have when family and friends come together to share meals and celebrate. It provides ample space for eating, drinking, and talking with one another.

To decorate your house that has a separate formal dining room you will need a lot of furniture, including a large table that fits well in the with six or more chairs. Make sure there’s enough space around the table and chairs so that you and your family can comfortably walk around the room.

If your room is rectangular, you will most likely desire a long, rectangular table. The width of the ideal table will be dependent upon the size of the room. Cash and Carry Furniture has a variety of dining room sets that would look spectacular in any formal dining room.

Decorating Your House with a Breakfast Nook

A breakfast nook is a great, cozy area for families to come together and eat. It takes up far less space than a formal dining room, but still allows enough space to enjoy meals together as a family.

A breakfast nook is very popular in houses today and can be created to fit any style of home, from modern to craftsman, and even traditional homes. It typically consists of a table, a bench, and a chair or two.

The style of your breakfast nook depends solely on what you desire. If you are looking for extra storage, you can get a bench that opens up and allows for extra storage to prevent clutter.

If you have older kids in your family or prefer not to slide into a wrap-around bench, you can design your breakfast nook to have only one side as a bench and the other three sides can use chairs.

Decorating a Dining Room Set Off the Kitchen

Many homes have a dining room set off the kitchen where families come together to eat their meals and talk about their day.

In this type of dining room, you will need a table and chairs. While it may seem like a round table saves space, you may want to consider purchasing a rectangular or square table. These tables can actually save you space, but provide the same amount of eating space.

In each style of dining room, you will want to consider adding pictures or wall art that can act as conversation starters. They will also help you bring the style of your dining room together.

Whether your style is rustic charm, traditional or contemporary casual, you will find something to suit every style and budget here.