This Is Why Luxury Vinyl Is So Famous!

Did you know that luxury vinyl is now the fastest growing flooring product worldwide? It’s true, this flooring is used for homes and commercial property. It’s favoured by landlords, renovators and a variety of other individuals involved in the world of retail. As such, you might be considering using vinyl wood flooring in your property. Before you make this choice though, it’s worth exploring why this flooring has become so popular. What has made it such a hit with both commercial buyers and private homeowners?

Beautify An Area

One of the first things to be aware of that certainly plays into the popularity of this product is that it can be made to resemble virtually any other flooring material you can think of. Most buyers will opt for vinyl wood flooring that looks like various different types of hardwood. The reason for this is that this flooring is cheaper than the alternative so it is perfect for lower budget projects. But it provides the same type of aesthetic design.

However, you can actually explore everything from luxury vinyl that looks like granite to various other types of stone. It’s entirely your choice how you want your luxury vinyl to look and you can even find it with a variety of different patterns and shades.

Fantastic Acoustics

In terms of acoustics, it’s worth exploring why click vinyl flooring has found its way into offices and business property. Well, the answer is quite simple. This flooring provides a low acoustic profile. This means that even if there’s a high level of foot traffic, it’s not going to cause a lot of noise. It ensures that you don’t have to worry about it sounding like there are elephants above your head if you use it upstairs somewhere like the bedroom. Studies show that low noise environments actually provide alarming benefits to our mental health. So, it shouldn’t be too surprising that companies have latched onto this idea.

Incredible Longevity

Are you looking for flooring that will stand the test of time? There are too many flooring options on the market these days that start showing their age after just a couple of years. Well, you will be delighted to hear that vinyl wood flooring is not one of these possibilities. Instead, you can get this type of flooring with warranties that last ten or even twenty years.

Why is luxury vinyl so durable? Well, it has a protective wear layer which protects it from anything from scuffs to scratches. Other types of flooring can offer the same level of protection, but only through extreme levels of maintenance.

With luxury vinyl flooring, the protective layer is incorporated into the design. So, there’s no need for it to be regularly washed, waxed or polished. Simply sweeping the floor and quickly wiping away spills will keep the floor in great condition.

We hope this helps you understand why vinyl wood flooring is so popular today. Are you interested in learning more about luxury vinyl? Get in touch now and we will be delighted to help you find the perfect solution for your home.